Welcome to the Wild Fork, a restaurant like no other, offering a wide spectrum of dining options. Come take a tour of our world cuisines made from fresh, natural ingredients prepared with lots of love. Dine surrounded by an ever-changing gallery of dazzling art by local artists. Enjoy libations from the best little cocktail bar in town. You’ll see why we call it The Art of Dining. Since 1995.

The Wild Fork
1820 Utica Square
Tulsa, OK 74114

Monday - Thursday

7am - 11am Breakfast
11am - 5pm Lunch
5pm - 9pm Dinner

Friday - Saturday
7am - 11am Breakfast
11am - 5pm Lunch
5pm - 10pm Dinner

10am - 3pm Brunch

For reservations call: (918) 742-0712 


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