Sunday Brunch

Steak on a Shingle with Eggs any Style

Braised tender beef and caramelized onions in green chili gravy on toasted Italian bread.
Served with home fries…$13.00

Grillades and Grits
Pork medallions on cheese grits with tomatoes, scallions and Creole brown gravy.
Served with eggs any style…$15.00

Old Fashioned Corn Cakes
Freshly baked corn cake dusted with powdered sugar. 
*Blueberry and Almond…$6.95
*Apple and Walnut…$6.95
Add Bacon inside…$2.50

Julie’s Pot Roast- Available at 11am
Prime Chuck roast slowly cooked in natural juices until melt in your mouth tender. Served with roasted carrots, mashed potatoes and pan gravy…$17.00

Wild Cristo
Sandwich of pit ham, Swiss cheese and house made Italian Bread. Egg battered and flat top grilled. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with your choice of strawberry jam or maple-horseradish mustard and fresh fruit…$11.00
Add egg…$1.20 ea. 



Wild Fork BLT
Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and chipotle aioli on your choice of health nut wheat toast or grilled sourdough. Served with fresh fruit…$8.25  Add egg…$1.20 ea. 

Wild Breakfast Burger
Combination of ground beef and breakfast sausage patty. Grilled with cheddar cheese, sliced bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion (with egg any style). Served on a wheat bun with choice of sliced tomatoes, home fries or cheese grits…$13.65 

Croque Monsieur
Grilled sandwich of ham, Swiss cheese and French grain mustard sauce. On grilled house made Italian bread, served with sliced tomatoes…$11.00 Add egg…$1.20 ea. 

Three egg open faced omelet. Served with house-made biscuits and fresh fruit.
*Bacon Potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, scallions, mozzarella and cheddar cheese…$15.00
*Garden Broccoli, tomatoes, scallions, mushrooms, mixed bell peppers, mozzarella and feta cheese…$15.00
*Salmon Potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, scallions, mozzarella and parmesan cheese…$16.50